Benefits of Spin Bike

Benefits of Using Spin Bike

  1. Monitor: It helps you monitor the amount of workout you do or it helps you keep a track of your progress.
  2. Calories: It is a High-Intensity workout machine, thus 45 minutes of workout can help you lose 500 calories.
  3. Low Impact: Spinning does not ache you knees or thighs as it puts low amount of pressure on the fragile parts unlike running.
  4. Reduce Stress: Exercise is a proved method of lowering down the stress level and a spinning class is more efficient in doing so.
  5. Reduce Risk of Hurt: The wheel in the machine is covered and there is a seat attached on the machine to sit and pedal.
  6. Muscle Tone Build: Spin bike workout forces tension on the core muscles, butt and thighs, helping in building muscle tone.
  7. Increased Cardiovascular: It is found out in  study that spinning can increase cardiovascular fitness up to 3-7% as it makes the heart pound in a steady manner. 
  8. Immune System: Cycling can be a great aid to increase stamina and can protect against certain types of cancer.
  9. Tempo Control: Spin bike workout provides liberty to modify and control the tempo of the workout.

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